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Stepping up your Class of Legends account to level 30 is a dreary task that no one appreciates, as it requires up a great deal of time and energy investment you could spend to climb a mountain even. A player will typically spend more than 200 hours playing League before reaching the lucrative level 30 and beginning their ranked experience. You should look for a smurf account that is ready for ranked play if you don’t want to play against bots or level newbies a lot. We have decided to assist you by evaluating the most effective smurf-selling websites available online because there are numerous dubious ones available online.



#1 Kaynshop.pro

 Rating overall: 10/10


  • The lowest prices available, typically less than half of what other websites charge.
  • Multiple secure payment options like PayPal, Visa and Mastercard etc.
  • If you’re looking for cheap accounts of poor quality, this is not the place for you.
  • Handleveled accounts for every major region at the best prices
  • They sell accounts on every LoL region Affiliate program that rewards creators
  • They sell high MMR accounts as well as ranked accounts
  • You can adjust your smurf account to have your favorite skin


Flawless reputation with over 40.000 satisfied customers. For the past few years, lolsmurf.pro has been the best place to purchase smurf accounts. They offer the best service and have extremely friendly customer support. When you buy accounts from them, you’ll have a very enjoyable experience thanks to the friendliest staff and the lowest prices in the market. They provide a very extensive selection of smurf accounts that can be adapted to your preferences in terms of BE or skins. In addition, you can open regular and premium lootboxes to win amazing prizes like free RP or accounts. On their Discord server, where they frequently host giveaways, they also have a friendly and very active community.


Even though we tried to, we really couldn’t find a flaw in lolsmurf.pro and in their account buying experience. It just a great experience overall and we would recommend everyone to buy their smurf account from them.


#2 HappySmurf.com

HappySmurf.com is ranked second overall. 9/10


  • The site has an MMR checker that calculates the MMR of your account in different gamemodes
  • Additionally, their customer service team is very welcoming, and you can get in touch with them through a variety of channels.
  • Customer testimonials are overwhelmingly good.
  • Numerous channels of communication with the support staff, including email, live chat, and Discord



  • The MMR checker is bugged and frequently doesn’t show the MMR for certain gamemodes you play
  • However, they do not provide smurfs in more than half of the regions, and those accounts can only be somewhat customized.
  • They only provide the most basic accounts, therefore there is generally a lack of diversity.
  • There are not many payment options, and the two that best guarantee your privacy are PayPal and Crypto.


 Even though their ratings are almost perfect, there are better places to buy a smurf account on the market due to their lack of selection and the fact that some of the accounts are out of stock.


#3 G2G.com


 Due to their average of performances in some domains it can be graded: 6/10



  • Very cheap accounts without warranty
  • Large scale account selling marketplace that has individual venders that sell their accounts
  • It’s not difficult to track down the smurf account you’re searching for as a result of their high level filters
  • Some of accounts have random rewards, for example, lootboxes.



  • Short guarantees on fundamental smurf accounts and no lifetime guarantees by any means in many occasions
  • The client service and staff individuals have a ton of negative surveys and they’re not accessible all the time
  • Some dealers require days to answer
  • The administration is exceptionally sluggish and it can require over an hour to recieve your record in the wake of paying


On the off chance that you’re searching for a smurf account you’ll pay a couple of bucks and play two or three games before it gets restricted, G2G is your place to go. Since they do not offer warranties on most of the accounts they offer, the obvious drawback is that the account you have paid for is only yours for a very short time.

In addition to the fact that their support agents aren’t always available, you’ll typically have to wait for at least an hour before receiving the login credentials for the account you’ve purchased. This results in a poor experience. They don’t have as many payment options as their rivals and only accept direct bank transfers, which don’t protect your privacy at all.



#4 Eldorado.gg

Generally speaking it can be graded 8/10


  • A vast marketplace where you can buy from a variety of sellers
  • They sell Challenger accounts as well as accounts with extremely rare skins
  • Very affordable prices



  • PayPal is not a viable method of payment You can pay with multiple payment methods, including cryptocurrency
  • Some of the sellers have negative reviews and some have no reviews at all
  • Some sellers post worthless level 1 accounts that serve no purpose


In general a lot of smurfs have no warranty at all and those accounts will get banned for botting once you start playing. A wide variety of unique accounts with some of the game’s rarest collectibles can be owned for reasonable prices. On the other hand, some sellers offer pointless level 1 accounts that anyone with five minutes of their time can create. A ton of dealers sell accounts that are clearly hacked as they give low costs and no guarantee on those smurfs. Besides, there have been occurrences where clients griped about extremely unfortunate client care that offended them as opposed to making a difference.


#5 Lolunranked.com

It is Graded overall 5/10


  • Generally good prices for all accounts
  • They offer accounts in almost every region, including the PBE.


  • They don’t accept PayPal or cryptocurrency as payment. A lot of accounts in smaller regions are out of stock.
  • Very few reviews of the website exist, some of which are negative.
  • They don’t have many options for their accounts; almost no skin accounts are in stock on the website.


In general, the best thing about Lolunranked’s service is that they offer reasonable prices for their selection of smurf The drawback, on the other hand, is that their accounts are not very varied, and many of them are out of stock for smaller regions like Russia and Oceania. You’d be better off buying your smurf account somewhere else if you combined that with the fact that you can’t pay with Crypto or Paypal and that their website has very few reviews.



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