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When we talk about successful projects, we wonder what prompted the creator or creators to start and implement their plans. Let’s try to analyze what could motivate the creators of League of Legends:

Of course, the most important desire of any game enthusiast is to create their own universe. It must be admitted that in the case of LOL it was completely successful.
Every universe must be inhabited. We are talking here not only about champions, minions and other characters of the game, but also about those who type in the Internet request “smurf euw accounts lol buy”, that is, about the players. Riot Games have tried their best to make their game famous among the largest audience. The very abbreviation of the name of the game LOL means something incredibly funny. Many people entering a search query lol expected to see funny videos, pictures and memes. But apart from all this, they saw information about League of Legends. Of course, this contributed to more and more people learning about this game and of course trying to play it. A stroke of genius!
Money. This is a property of human nature – we are looking for an opportunity to earn or save money wherever possible. Therefore, many of our customers find our website on request “smurf acc lol euw account for sale”, and then they are very satisfied with the discount received and the purchased goods! Of course, the desire to make money on a successfully implemented project cannot be discounted. But how else? After all, the creator also needs to eat something, feed family members and pets, and pay salaries to everyone who works for the benefit of the game. Here Riot Games went even further. They not only got rich themselves, but also gave the opportunity to earn money to the best players, as well as streamers who contributed to the expansion of the League of Legends audience. They did it with the help of esports.


We need more gold. Always.
An interesting fact for those who would like to recoup their “smurf acc lol euw buy”. You can do this by becoming an excellent LOL player. Let’s consider this statement in detail:
What kind of money are we talking about? Let’s take a look.
First of all, we should note that Riot Games has made great efforts to include League of Legends in the field of esports. To do this, of course, they needed to attract the attention and keep the interest of those who had already played MOBA.

Why was it important?
It would be extremely difficult to keep the game relevant for those who have been playing for five or six years without esports. Even with regular updates.
In partnership with other companies, the creators of LOL have held many events around the world. This activity has attracted millions of active gamers, many of whom have purchased their smurf euw accounts lol here on

What are the results?
Judge for yourself: When the championship of the second season of League of Legends was held, he received the largest prize pool in history at that time — two million dollars!
Such an amount could not fail to attract the attention of even those who are far from esports and from the gaming industry as a whole. Millions of viewers watched the finale with unflagging interest.


I’m ready! What do I need to do?
Your actions after you have already decided to purchase smurf acc lol euw will be as follows:
Decide how much you are willing to spend or how many champions you want to purchase.
Choose the best product for yourself in our store. You will see that our offers are cheap compared to other companies, and the purchase is covered by lifetime insurance.
Click on the selected account and follow the payment instructions.
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Launch League of Legends and get involved in the gameplay.
We wish you to reach your planned peaks in LOL and enjoy the process!

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