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EUW: There is magic in every day!

League of Legends is one of the most popular games in the world. It is so popular among users that in order to accommodate everyone who wants to play, the creators of LOL had to open a number of servers. One of the most densely populated servers works for residents of Western Europe. It is abbreviated as EUW. In you can easily pick up and buy lol account lvl 30 euw.


Millions of legends!
Riot Games told how many active users play League of Legends and other titles in this universe in total. In October 2021, this value became the maximum for the company and in total exceeded 180 million people. Riot Games also noted that over the past decade, more than 600 million people around the world have played games in the League of Legends universe.
Nicolo Laurent, CEO of Riot Games, says that every step of the company, from the release of new games to the development of esports, is aimed at creating high-quality, exciting content that will appeal to League of Legends fans.
They seem to be doing a good job and are not so confident in the League of Legends franchise for nothing! After all, more people are playing their games all over the world today than ever before.


How populated is EUW?
Let’s just say the server doesn’t need to settle on other planets to survive yet, but that time may come soon! However, we are sure that Riot Games will add enough servers to accommodate everyone. So don’t worry about the future and choose the right lol europe west smurf and have fun!
Nevertheless, we can share with you some information about the approximate number and development of EUW.
So on one of the statistical websites you can find information that eight years after the server was opened, the number of players on EUW was estimated at 2.5 million. And already in 2019, the number of registered account s on the Western European League of Legends server exceeded the mark of 3 million people. Many of them joined these ranks through the search for “league of legends euw account buy”.
By the way, the first place in terms of numbers is firmly held by a South Korean server and 3.7 million players.


How accurate are the statistics?
Of course, this data cannot be an accurate indicator of the number of players in League of Legends, since everyone can either create a second or third alternative account, or use the “lol account euw buy” service. But such a significant increase as 500,000 new accounts is still an indicator that the popularity of the game is not fading.
The most popular League of Legends servers include the following:
Korea — almost 4 million accounts.
Western Europe — more than 3 million accounts.
North America — about 2 million.
North-Eastern Europe — over 1.5 million.
Brazil — in the region of 1.5 million accounts.
It is more difficult to determine the exact number of players from China, but there is an assumption that there are 27 servers in the country, and the number of players reaches 75 million.


What language do you need to know in order for euw account buy to allow you to feel at ease on this server?
Actually, the choice of languages here is quite wide. You will definitely fit into the company if you can speak one of these languages:
• English,
• German,
• Spanish,
• French,
• Italian
Surprisingly, Dutch is not one of the official languages of the server, despite the fact that the server itself is located in Amsterdam. However, numerous fans of the game from the Netherlands communicate perfectly not only in their own language, but also in several other European languages!

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