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Why should i buy a smurf account?

League of Legends continues to be one of the most popular games in the world. With millions of monthly active players from all over the world battling to become the best. However, becoming the best requires an immense amount of practice and patience – especially if you’re stuck in Gold or lower.

Climbing the ranks can be difficult when your teammates don’t care about the game – that’s where one of our ranked accounts can save you. Once you’ve been granted the ability to play at higher tiers, you’ll find that everything runs much smoother compared to the likes of elo hell. Don’t get us wrong, we’re sure you can climb out of the lower elo brackets yourself, but why not save yourself all the stress and time? Our accounts are all ranked ready, with a large roster of Champions for you to enjoy.

Here at UnrankedSmurfs, we have a massive selection of ranked accounts in every region. No matter whether you’re looking for a Gold account to play with your friends, or to show off to them – there is no better place to buy a ranked LoL account online.

Remember to use the special coupon code found at the top of the page to get a generous discount on your ranked smurf account. Combined with our very competitive prices, and high-quality accounts, we’re the most reliable place to pick up your account.

               Why Should I Buy A Smurf Account?

Call of the Void Do you want to try yourself as a champion and buy a smurf unranked account high be lol? This is a great idea! There are at least three reasons why this is worth doing: League of Legends has exciting gameplay. The game is designed for the widest audience. Finally, League of Legends has an amazing deep universe! there are not only countries and continents, original cities and regions, but also something called… The Void. 

The Void is a boundless space beyond being. It was born together with the universe itself. The abyss is an unquenchable hunger, ready to wait for an eternity until its masters decide to put an end to everything! Purchase an account  at the request of “smurf unranked account high be lol buy” and choose your path: – help the Abyss destroy the world, or – stop the attempts of the inhabitants of the Abyss to destroy all life and isolate them once and for all!  

Who are the inhabitants of the Void? These are mortals who have been touched by this power. Forced to endure immense pain, one moment of which is enough to break even the strongest mind, they joined the fight against life itself. The offspring of this disastrous entity, many of whom are unconscious, but follow the same goal. If you want to experience the power of the Void, make sure that the product you purchased at the request of “smurf  account high be league of legends account” has the following upgraded characters: • Bel’Veth • Cho’Gath • Kai’Sa • Kassadin • Kha’Zix • Kog’Maw • Malzahar • Rek’Sai • Vel’Koz 


The one who is “slightly hungry” There is no void without a ruler. In this case, we are talking about the empress Bel’Veth, a creature capable of swallowing an entire city and still suffering from hunger. Bel’Veth is indefatigable in search of new experiences and emotions. She learns the world by absorbing the memory and knowledge of her many victims. Over millions of years, she has become almost omniscient. And now Runterra is no longer enough for her, and she turns an avid gaze on the former owners of the Void… “This world will not be forgotten, – says Bel’Veth. – I will replace it – a child devouring its parent”.   

“Your souls will feed the Void!” Do you want to start playing LOL so much that you unknowingly wrote the word “account” in your search query two whole times and now it looks like this: “smurf account high be league of legends unranked account for sale”? We know what kind of champion you might like to play! Meet Cho’Gath! This is a beast born of the Void, whose biology allows you to quickly transform matter into body growth, increasing its muscle mass or strengthening its outer shell, durable as an organic diamond. If our description of Cho’Gath didn’t impress you, well, it’s not the end of the world… And maybe not even the end of Runeterra. We are sure that you can easily find a character to your taste and spirit!   

“We are timeless. We demand sacrifice.” You bought an account found on by the request of “smurf account high be lol account” and now would you like to play the champion who represents the Void, but was once a human? It’s very easy to do! What do you think of Malzahar, a religious fanatic driven by the idea of uniting all living things? He was orphaned early and had to live alone. It didn’t harden him, but it instilled two strong feelings in his heart: a strong sadness about his fate and a feeling of sympathy for those who were even less fortunate. Constant work with people (Malzahar foresaw the future and helped people make better choices in life) made him see the pain and sadness of thousands of people. As a result, this led to the fact that he lost hope for humanity, opened his mind to the Void and became its Prophet. Now he sees himself as a shepherd, able to: bring others into the herd by sacrificing entire cities, or liberate the Void creatures. Also you can buy Euw from us

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