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The passions of esports in the world of League of Legends

League of Legends is one of the most popular tournament games in the world. Esports for many viewers means exactly LoL games, just as for many fans, traditional sports are equal to football. If you are looking for a good server for development and preparation for tournaments, you will undoubtedly need lol eune 30lvl account.


Where did the LoL phenomenon come from?
It’s hard to talk about the esports discipline LoL without describing the nature of the game itself. Riot Games studio released League of Legends in 2009. It was the first game of these developers. The inspiration for LoL was the worlds of Warcraft 3 and Defense of the Ancients.
The creators of Riot Games set a goal to create a game whose business model would not be based on the release of subsequent sequels.
Here’s how they managed it:
the authors of LOL communicated closely with the gaming community,
regularly updated the game,
we made corrections and new elements that were in demand and expected by the gaming community.
This approach has contributed to the success of this new game genre. Pick a suitable eune account lol for yourself, and you will also be able to evaluate the results of Riot Games’ work.


How serious are the championships LOL?
Very much, if you ask us! Judge for yourself:
• The first LoL World Championship was organized in 2011. The DreamHack tournament in Sweden attracted players with a $100,000 prize for first place.
• The highest prize for the next championship has already reached $1,000,000.
• In a record 2018, the prize fund of the World Championship was $ 6,500,000!
Honestly, if you are interested in esports, then you should familiarize yourself with this game. LOL is active and dynamic, so it may interest you. Thanks to the rich selection, on the you will be able to find a league of legends eune account for sale, which seems to be created for you!


Common questions about the game of those who are just starting their sports career in LOL:
How many champions do I need to have?
Answer: the required number of heroes depends on your goals:
if you have purchased an account with more than 20 champions, you can immediately start playing a rating game.
If the number of champions is less than 20, you can buy them in the LOL store.
To be sure that as a result of the search for “eune account blue essence buy” you will get an account that will cover all your needs, carefully read the account description.


Will I have to spend a lot of money to get results in the game?
This is not necessary. In-game purchases do not add benefits and do not affect the rating. Different players in League of Legends have the same opportunities.


What is the secret of success when playing LOL?
Every day you spend in League of Legends will be a series of gaming sessions where you need to compete with other users on the playing field. An old proverb comes to mind, which in this case is more true than ever: practice makes it perfect. Playing LOL over and over again, you will get better and learn from your mistakes by repetition. Professional players play League of Legends for many hours a day. While it may not be ideal for those who have a job or study, repeating and strengthening your game through practice is still crucial!

EUN is based in Frankfurt am Main (Germany), do I need to speak German to buy lol europe nordic smurf and then play comfortably on this server?
We answer: It is not necessary! The most common server languages include:
• Czech,
• Greek,
• Hungarian,
• Polish,
• Romanian
However, the server’s multilingualism is not limited to this list, and we are sure that you will easily find a common language with many players!