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LOL classes. Who are you today?
League of legends is a unique game that everyone can try their hand at. It has been reigning in the gaming market for a long time. How did its story begin?
More than a decade ago, most games were paid.
Players had to pay for one of several options:
– for a copy of the game,
– for subscription,
– for access to full content, as is the case with a shareware game like Runescape.
Completely free to play MOBA during this period became a very tempting offer for many gamers.
Years passed, and many players invested a lot of time and money in the development of their accounts. If you want to compete with them, pay attention to the purchase of an account with a lifetime warranty on the request “smurf na accounts lol account”.



Seven classes for a week
LOL does not get tired of striking with the variety of everything and does not limit the player striving for a diverse experience. For example, there are seven groups of champions in the game, which differ in playing styles. These are classes such as
– Fighter,
– Controller,
– Mage,
– Marksman,
– Slayer,
– Tank,
– Specialist (Unclassified).
Do you think it’s not a lot? Almost every class has several subspecies!
For example, Controller is divided into two subspecies:
– Enchanter,
– Catcher.
By purchasing smurf na accounts lol you will be able to try yourself in each of these roles. Change them at least every day (or even more often)! The more upgraded champions on your account, the more fun the game will be!



We must all make our choices
At the beginning of the summer of 2022, League of legends already had 160 champions! And it’s not just the look and set of skills. Each champion has his own story, life path. They share their vision of the world and accumulated wisdom with anyone who is ready to hear them.
Of course, it is very difficult to immediately make a choice of champion who will become the best embodiment of you in the game world. It’s almost as difficult as choosing the best smurf acc lol na. But as Karma says, we must all make our choices. How much? No one limits us!
For example, here is Karma, which we mentioned earlier.
This Enchanter is the living embodiment of the soul of Ionia. She is her spiritual leader, who is born in every generation. She was a twelve-year-old girl tormented by visions when the monks found her and explained to her that the visions were memories of her past lives. For many years, Karma has been learning to talk to her ancient soul and find the wisdom of centuries in thousands of her past incarnations. At first, Karma was a champion of peace and harmony. She taught that any crime itself entails consequences, so it should not be answered. However, she herself did not fully believe in this simple truth.
By completing a smurf acc lol na buy you will be able to join the game and get to know this champion better. You will see her not as a peaceful novice of the monastery, but as the embodiment of rage directed against the enemy.
How did this happen, you ask?
When the war came to Ionia, Karma could no longer stay away. She unleashed her fury on the enemy commander and destroyed his ship and crew. The monks considered this a monstrous mistake, they asked her to spend the rest of her days in meditation and repentance. However, Karma realized that sometimes you have to pay an expensive price for harmony. The world was changing, and the true wisdom was to accept it and not resist. Non-resistance when it is possible, or action when it is necessary – this is the choice that Karma makes every time.
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