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Once a scout, always a scout!

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Nuances of choice
While you are looking for the best product for na smurf buy account lol, you may be interested in learning some interesting facts about the game.
For example, did you know that the vast majority of the female audience of League of Legends plays exclusively on champions of the same sex. This was announced by an employee of Riot Games in a conversation with reddit users.
According to the developers, 97% of the girls in League of Legends play only female champions.
And what about men?
The percentage of choice of characters of different genders among men is approximately equal.
Based on these statistics, an employee of Riot Games stated that it is more logical for the studio to produce more female champions, because otherwise the developers will ignore the wishes of a large part of the audience.
At the same time, the most popular hero among the male part of the audience is Teemo.
Buy lol account na and you will be able to see for yourself the advantages of this cheerful character who simply radiates enthusiasm! He travels the world without being afraid of any, even the most dangerous and formidable obstacles. He also strictly follows the Scout Code.
It is difficult to say what exactly caused such popularity of this particular hero. This may be one of these reasons:
Teemo has the ability to become invisible if it remains motionless for a while. And in the bushes, he can remain invisible even while moving! In addition, after exiting invisibility, the hero’s attack speed increases by a few seconds.
An indefatigable scout can blind an opponent with a strong poison, dealing damage to him and forcing him to miss for a while.
The hero’s movement speed is higher until he is hit by an enemy champion or tower. However, if the scout rushes forward, even taking damage cannot slow him down.

What motivates people to start playing LOL and search the internet for “na account blue essence account”?
There are several explanations for this:
– adults enjoy the opportunity to please their “inner child”,
– even on the busiest day, this game gives an instant respite in the magical world of heroes,
– if you feel a bit blue, League of Legends gives you a feeling of joyful uplift and allows you to relieve tension,
– the game gives you the opportunity to try yourself in different roles, changing skins as often as you want,
– everyone can realize their makings of strategic thinking by assembling optimal teams of champions,
– the game world is not just a place, it is a powerful source of energy, filled with bright positive emotions.