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League of Legends continues to be one of the most popular games in the world. With millions of monthly active players from all over the world battling to become the best. However, becoming the best requires an immense amount of practice and patience – especially if you’re stuck in Gold or lower.

Climbing the ranks can be difficult when your teammates don’t care about the game – that’s where one of our ranked accounts can save you. Once you’ve been granted the ability to play at higher tiers, you’ll find that everything runs much smoother compared to the likes of elo hell. Don’t get us wrong, we’re sure you can climb out of the lower elo brackets yourself, but why not save yourself all the stress and time? Our accounts are all ranked ready, with a large roster of Champions for you to enjoy.

Here at UnrankedSmurfs, we have a massive selection of ranked accounts in every region. No matter whether you’re looking for a Gold account to play with your friends, or to show off to them – there is no better place to buy a ranked LoL account online.

Remember to use the special coupon code found at the top of the page to get a generous discount on your ranked smurf account. Combined with our very competitive prices, and high-quality accounts, we’re the most reliable place to pick up your account.

Want to improve your gaming experience in League of Legends. There are plenty of options to do that. But one of the most feasible and easy option would be buying a second new account. If you are tired to never ending tiresome, hectic and game progress to level 30 and acquiring meager 20 champion needed to get past the requirements for a ranked game. You don’t have to look up to the sky that some celestial entity would come and help you out in this miserable situation. You can simply get a new unranked smurf account from us and start climbing the ladder of progress. They come equipped with everything necessary for your easy progress. You can get your game progress rolling in matter of just few minutes.
Your account to be would be located in the densely populated North America region, where a lot of streamers, professional Esports player and daily gamers are in the lobby most of the time. This means your Smurf will have no issue at all in rising echelons and upping its ELO. Europe West / EUW is one of the world's largest and greatest regions; it is considered that EUW features some of the world's most mechanically gifted players, which is no surprise given Europe's two consecutive appearances in the global championships. This area is home to some of the top players in the world, including Rekkles, Caps, Perkz, and Jankos.It's also home to the infamous L9 clan, which includes RAT IRL, Yamatosdeath1, AP0, and a slew of others. You can also in Europe Nordick and East server which is highly competitive. You will receive 40,000+ Blue Essences. They will help you acquire most of champions you love. Besides you can get your side kicks too. These are more than enough to build up an army of brute strength and mettle. You can equip them with latest and powerful arsenal to beat competitors. Its where the fun begins as you don’t need to worry about levelling up anymore. You already are at level 30 and get into some competitive action scenes.
Why is there need for a smurf account? Answer is that it would simple consume too much for you alone to level up. It makes thing uninteresting and boring, and you will loss your interest on the way. To put it all in numbers it would roughly take you about 200 matches to go to that level. Its all if you don’t have any experience boost around. Besides the matchmaking will rarely be on your side. It would be a rare case scenario where you would be matched with similarly skilled people. All of these hurdles make your progress in LoL very slow and too boring. To cope with all that you would need to buy a smurf account and what better place else then LoLSmurf.pro
Smurf accounts are actually getting very popular among LoL gamers. There are many fathomable reasons for that. First benefits being that it allows you to greatly hone your skills in game and increase your expertise level. You will be able to compete against senior players and practice using your new champions. You will play different roles and won’t be worried about ruining your ELO on your main account and the match history.
Smurf account helps you have fresh start at round 2 of climbing ladder. It gives you the opportunity to push your rank higher than your main account. And if you choose to, you can have different rant tiers for a more diversified playing experience as you can choose what skill level you want to play with.
There’s no account verification or ownership problems at all. Once you get this account from us its all yours. You get to change all your credentials. It allows you to change the unverified email account to yours email account as well. This helps you feel the sense of ownership and personal touch gesture. Both you and your account grow together.
An LoL smurf account of level 30 with completely fresh mmr with no ranked game played what else you want for your Christmas. With more than enough blue essence you can buy whatever champ you want! Contact us now by filling the form or using the email address given below and open up a whole new world of LoL experiences with us!


              Why i should buy a                       Handlevled account?

If you want to buy a handleveled smurf account, you can buy authenticated accounts from kaynshop.pro You can also level your own smurf account to level 30 if you have the time and composure However, before you devote the time and effort to doing so, you should seriously evaluate the reasons why you should instead purchase a hand leveled smurf account. An all-planetary level of fun! Over the past few years, League of Legends has decisively captured the world of both children and adults. More and more people buy handleveled smurf lol and find their place in this world of magic and battles. Join us!

What languages do the players of LoL speak?

The list of languages used in the game is extremely wide! And this is no accident, because the game is popular all over the world and in each of the countries. This is a list of only the most common languages:

• English,

• German,

• Spanish,

• French,

• Italian

• Czech,

• Greek,

• Hungarian,

• Polish,

• Romanian

• Japanese

• Vietnamese

• Thai

• Chinese and Simplified Chinese  


Is there a language barrier in the game?

Many of our clients feel insecure and are afraid to start playing, thinking that they will encounter a language barrier. Of course, there is an opportunity to meet a native speaker of another language in the game. However, by purchasing lol  account  lv 30, you can be sure that you will be able to find hundreds or even thousands of players who will be able to understand you, and you, in turn, will be able to understand them. This is guaranteed by a number of servers that serve as playgrounds for residents of different countries.

Here is a list of currently existing servers and their abbreviations used in the game:

• Brazil (BR (BR1))

• Northern Europe & Eastern (EUNE (EUN1))

•Western Europe (EUW (EUW1))

• North Latin America (LAN (LA1))

• South Latin America (LAS (LA2))

• North America (NA (NA1))

• Oceania (OCE (OCE/OC1))

• Russia (RU)

• Turkey (TR (TR1))

• Japan (JP (JP1))

• Philippines (PH)

• Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia (SG)

• Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau (TW)

• Vietnam (VN)

• Thailand (TH)

• Republic of Korea (KR)

• China (CN)

• Public Beta Environment (PBE) As you can see, the choice of a playground for the game is very large!  


Why should I buy lol unranked smurfs in Kaynshop.pro?

By cooperating with us, you get the following advantages: – Reliability and safety. This is confirmed by a lot of feedback from our customers. – Low prices. You can level 30 smurf accounts lol from us cheaper than on other resources. – Support for various popular payment systems. We can offer you the most convenient payment option and select the best terms of the transaction. – Operational work. The whole purchase process will not take much time. – Free consultations. If you are at a loss to choose an account or you do not understand how to make a payment, ask us and we will tell you everything. – High quality of all accounts sold, including league of legends smurf accounts for sale. – Warranty for each purchase. We are proud of our reputation!

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