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There are thousands of skins and cosmetic items in League of Legends, but there are a few uncommon skins that you won’t see in regular games.


Rare LOL Skins:


These are  Riot Games skins that you may have never seen in any of your solo queue games. They have been Riot Games’ main source of revenue from its enormous player base for a very long time. They are merely decorative things that distinguish your winner from the competition. Although you can play as Kayle, using a Judgement Kayle skin will clearly indicate that this is your main character.


So, as a League of Legends player and fan, you may have pondered about these rare skins. Are there any  LoL skins that are no longer available in the skin shop? Which League of Legends skins are the most elusive?




Why Are Some Skins So Rare?


It’s just a basic supply and demand concept. Although there is always a need for skins, some particular skins are no longer available. These are skins that were either removed from the League of Legends store or could only be redeemed using particular skin codes.


Therefore, if the skins are no longer available in the shop, they have a low supply but a great demand, making them pricey and incredibly rare. For the 10th anniversary of League of Legends, the “Annieversary” skin for the LoL champion Annie was exclusive to those who had accounts.


For similar special and specific events, other skins have also been made available to fans. Of course, some skins are no longer accessible because Riot decided they were not popular enough to continue selling.


You may even own some of these rare League skins if you were an early player  of the game. You could certainly sell your League of Legends account for hundreds of thousands of dollars if you’ve been playing for that long, but we’ll go into the specifics later on in the post. So let’s check out the most uncommon League of Legends skins right away.


Which LoL Skins Are the Rarest?


Twisted Fate by PAX


The first PAX skin, PAX Twisted Fate, was distributed to individuals who attended PAX back in 2009. Who were the fortunate individuals who had access to this skin? Well, the first 20,000 attendees of PAX, or Penny Arcade Expo, as it is commonly known.


Twisted Fate Splash by PAX :


This skin was originally created in 2009. “Riot Games”

After the event, PAX Twisted Fate codes sold for high to $450. Any unused codes of the PAX Twisted Fate skin were disabled. So if you’ve got an account with PAX Twisted Fate, you might definitely collect a substantial quantity of money in 2021 as well.


PAX Jax :


Twisted Fate wasn’t the only PAX skin made accessible to players through the Penny Arcade Expo. Everyone who went to the event in 2010 received a code for the PAX Jax skin. Unknown how many codes were really distributed for this skin, but given how uncommon it is compared to other LoL skins, it can’t have been very many.


Pax Jax:


Another PAX skin that might make you wealthy is PAX Jax. People really do spend hundreds of dollars to have an account with this skin on it. Does anybody still have their League of Legends password from 2011?


Pax Sivir: 


A PAX skin was also given to Sivir. This one debuted at the Penny Arcade Expo in 2011. The skin alludes to the film Tron. 2014 saw the disabling of all codes for this skin, just like PAX Jax and PAX Twisted Fate.


Neo PAX Sivir, a revised edition of PAX Sivir that employs the same model as the original PAX Sivir but with more modern colors, was released by Riot Games in 2017. Although extremely rare, this skin is still accessible in the League of Legends marketplace.


Black Alistar :


Another exceedingly rare LoL skin is Black Alistar. It was one of the very first skins ever made, back in 2009. Prior to its official release, it was included with pre-orders of the League of Legends collector’s edition. The game had been pre-ordered by about 65,000 people.


You will need to spend at least $500 if you want to purchase an account with a Black Alistar skin, even though Alistar thinks this skin looks more like a regular chroma.


Victorious Jarvan IV:


, Victorious Jarvan IV is not available in stores. It was the first season’s end reward ever, and it’s also one of the game’s rarest skins. Who among your contacts is still using the same account to play League of Legends today?


Some accounts on account buying sites for up to $900. Of course, other accounts are ‘cheaper’ at approximately $400, but this simply goes to show that it’s an extremely rare and sought after skin. If you still have one on your account, then you might easily get rich solely due of Victorious Jarvan IV.


Rusty Blitzcrank:


Rusty Blitzcrank is another skin that is not in shops anymore. It was yet another League of Legends attempt at an early skin, so it’s a good thing Riot pulled this atrocity from the store. Why? Inertia persisted. It doesn’t even qualify as a colour.


It’s the availability and the overall demand for a particular skin which makes it a rare skin. Also older skins also have a greater chance of becoming rare as there are very less chances of them being available on the store. The older accounts with skins are very valuable because of the stuff they come with. If you want to buy a rare skins or a account you can contact us. We provide high end accounts and rare skins on your personal email at prices which are set relatively lower than the rest of the market.