How to Buy Is one of the best places online to buy LOL Smurf accounts due to their remarkable customer service and competitive prices. Not only that they also offer lifetime ban guarantee which ensures that your gaming experience is of highest quality and you really enjoy the gameplay.

In today’s article we will learn how to buy a Smurf account from them.
It’s actually quite simple there are just few points that you need to follow first we will know about buying hand levelled Smurf accounts.
One thing that is worth mentioning here is that we cannot directly process your payment, so we have collaborated with best payment gateways to make sure that your payments are secure and safe.

Account Selection:
On The top of the page you will see 2 options namely handleveled Smurf account and high blue essence. They offer both of these accounts so you can buy whatever you want according to your needs.

PayPal Method:
For PayPal payment follow these few simple steps to make ensure your payment goes through and transaction takes place.
Click on the button quoting ‘buy via paypal’
It would take you to shoppy link.
Click purchase and put email you are using for paypal.
Put in the required details and make the payment.
Wait for a few minutes then check your smurf account credentials. If not in inbox look into the spam/junk folder.

Credit/Debit Card:
Choose your desired account.
Click on the button quoting ‘buy via Credit/Debit Card ’
It would take you to Eldoardo link.
Click ‘buy now’ and make an Eldorado account.
Put in the required details.
Go to “orders” and click “Purchased orders” check your smurf account credentials.

And for Bitcoin payment follow these steps:
Choose your desired account.
Add it to cart.
Open cart and checkout using your email and pay exact amount in cryptocurrecny
Wait for confirmation message to appear.
Now look for the email with your smurf account credentials either in inbox or junk section or click “return to shop”

Important: If you did not receive an account immediately after payment, please contact us via live chat!

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