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Introductory Event:

The PAX Prime conference in 2011 took place ten years ago. An alternative future/universe skin award, known as PAX Sivir, was given out during this event. Sivir appears to be a soldier from the future in an alternate reality while carrying a crossblade that has a very contemporary appearance.

People who attended the 2011 Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) event received the skin as a gift. Riot used to give away free League of Legends skins to PAX attendees back when skin codes were still accessible. These skins were a part of the goodie bags that were given out to everyone who attended the event and bought a ticket.

The League’s player base is still vocal about it after all these years. Many people ponder how to obtain the skin for themselves and whether doing so is really feasible. Players’ desire for it is fueled in part by the fact that PAX Sivir is one of the game’s rarest skins.

Only those who attended the PAX event that year may use the code to unlock PAX Sivir. Prior to 2014, the coupon could be acquired online from an event attendee and then used to purchase something in League’s shop.


More Details:

Nowadays, getting the skin on your own account is very difficult. Nevertheless, we have excellent news (or terrible news, depending on how you look at it) for you since we have managed to complete your account’s collection with this fantastic ski PAX Sivir is a vintage skin that was first made available in 2011.

Not all of the tens of thousands of attendees at the PAX event each year played League of Legends. This resulted in a large number of skin codes being abandoned and become obsolete, while others were sold online through third-party websites for hundreds of dollars. Given the scarcity and great demand of this skin, it wasn’t unusual for PAX Sivir codes to exceed $200 apiece. Only the most devoted fans would be prepared to spend big money on this extremely uncommon skin because it is considered a collector’s item.



The skin itself portrays Sivir clad in futuristic motorcycle clothing and makes homage to the movie Tron. If you’ve watched the movie, you’ll immediately see the similarities. The skin has no new animations or noises, although her new red boomerang has a tiny model modification. Her spells now feature crimson trails as part of the theme-appropriate particle changes.


Because the skin codes were removed in 2014 and can no longer be redeemed, PAX Sivir is currently unavailable. The only way to acquire this skin is to purchase an account with it already redeemed as there is no sign that it will be returning to the market. Jax and Twisted Fate, who were also presents at prior PAX events, share the PAX motif with Sivir.


NEO PAX Sivir, a new version of PAX Sivir, was launched in 2017. NEO PAX Sivir is a brand-new skin based on the original PAX skin, much as the Championship Riven 2016 skin. Of course, there are a few variations that set it apart and set it apart from the original.



The fresh palette of colours is what distinguishes the two PAX skins the most. The NEO PAX Sivir has the same same design as the PAX Sivir, but it comes in a new blue, red, and gold colour scheme. This is a noticeable departure from the black, red, and bright blue of the original PAX Sivir.

Owners of the original PAX Sivir will automatically obtain the updated NEO PAX Sivir for free in their accounts. Players that purchase the original will also receive a unique loading screen border in addition to this.

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