New champion Smolder in League of Legends



Smolder said, “One day, the fiercest, bestest dragon of all will be ME! Smolder!”

Smolder, known as the Fiery Fledgling, originates from the fallen kingdom of Camavor, and carries the heritage and legacy of the Imperial Dragon.


His journey is intertwined with a human friend named Marinus, who gives him the name Smolder and teaches him how to walk, talk, and tell jokes.


If you want to play this new hero, here’s everything you need to know about him. Just read until the end.

What is the League of Legends?

League of Legends (LoL) is a massively multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game developed by Riot Games in 2009.


This PC-only game is free to play and engages over 150 million players. It is the most popular e-sports in the world, competing with many leagues and amateurs around the world.

League of Legends is rated T for Teen.

What is the way to play the League of Legends?

Players are formed into two equal teams consisting mainly of five members. Each team starts on opposite sides of the map, near what is called the “Nexus” and the map, known as ‘Summoner’s Rift”, is split into two sides (Red and Blue).


 To win a match, a team must destroy the opposing team’s Nexus. To do this, each team must work through a series of towers called “turrets” that are placed along three paths per base (commonly referred to as “lanes”).


Along the way, each player gains power-ups by completing the game’s objectives, earning experience points and gold that are used to increase the player’s level and purchase powerful items, which may give players an advantage over their opponents.


Examples of these objectives include killing the opposing team’s turrets, players, and “minions”.

What is the Smolder’s role in League of Legends?

Smolder is the 167th champion for League of Legends and the first one of three champions that will be added to the playable roster in 2024.

There are many races, factions, and character archetypes in  League of Legends, but no one likes dragons yet.


And, the main attractive thing in Smolder is his race, which is unique in the world of League of Legends. Smolder is a real dragon. Or more accurately, a baby dragon.



Aurelion Sol, although he looks like a real dragon, is still an alien without a specific race, and Shivanna is a half-dragon trickster, but Smolder is the first representative of these great creatures in the world of Runterra.


More information about the baby dragon, including Smolder lore, is expected shortly. Just follow us to know it soon!

Here are the Smolder’s abilities

Smolder’s abilities scale along with his passive and revolve around fire. Like all ADCs, his gameplay will revolve around farming gold, killing enemies, correct positioning, and steadily expanding his damage output.


Some of Smolders’ abilities have been revealed, and here’s the full list:

1) Passive – Dragon Practice

Smolder hitting heroes with his abilities and destroying the enemies with Super Scorcher Breath gives Smolder a stack of Dragon Wielding. The more charges, the greater the hero’s abilities.

2) Q – Super Scorcher Breath

Smolder can belch the flame at his enemies. This ability has three forms and depends on the number of dragons Practice charges 👇

  • 25 Dragon Practice Charges: They can deal damage to all enemies surrounding the target
  • 125 charges Dragon Practice: They can create an explosion behind the target that deals 75% of the total damage dealt by Super Scorcher Breath.
  • 225 Dragon Practice Charge: They set enemies on fire, dealing net damage at maximum health for 3 seconds. Enemy heroes whose health level falls below the total limit while burning are killed instantly.

The maximum number of dragon practice charges is 225!

3) W – Achoo!

Smolder lets out an adorable flaming sneeze, damaging and slowing down enemies. Also, Smolder creates additional explosions when attacking heroes are hit with this ability.

4) E – Flap, Flap, Flap

Smolder jumps up, gaining an additional bonus to movement speed for the duration of the ability. Additionally, flying allows Smolder to fly over obstacles for 1.25 seconds. While flying, Smolder attacks the enemy with the lowest health.


Smolder calls out his mother, who breathes fire from above, due to scientific damage and causes the bomb to be destroyed in the center of its fire.

These abilities cause serious and incapacitating damage, and if you hit the fire weald, you can’t get healed!


Overall, Smolder has typical ADC characteristics and has been described as “extremely easy to play”, making him an excellent hero for beginners in Riot Games’ MOBA. It will be interesting to see how Smolder impacts the meta of the game and whether he will be a regular player in every match or if he will fade into the background. Only time will tell.

When is Smolder’s release date?

According to Riot Games, Smolder will arrive in the game on Wednesday in update 14.3, which is scheduled for release on February 7, 2025.


In the meantime, it’s worth getting up to all the other changes in League of Legends Season 14 (there are a lot).

How to unlock Smolder in League of Legends

Smolder will likely require 7,800 Blue Essence (BE) or 975 Riot Points (RP) upon release. BE can be obtained by completing quests and events, leveling up, and disabling Hero Shards. Meanwhile, RP can be obtained through physical gift cards. Another option is to buy them online.


Smolder feels like a hearty dose of fun and fire added to the mix in League of Legends. Since Smolder’s basic abilities revolve around fire, we might see some timed damage when his abilities burn through enemies!

Either way, we can’t wait for its official release date on The Rift soon in Season 14.


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