Medieval twitch


The extremely uncommon League of Legends skin known as Medieval Twitch was launched in July 2010. Since the closure of Refer-A-Friend on September 5, 2015, Medieval Twitch is no longer available (he holds the distinction for being one of the rarest skin in the game)


In the skin, Twitch is depicted as a warrior from the Middle Ages with a conventional crossbow, helmet, and cloak. Players that surpassed a particular threshold for player referrals received a gift from mediaeval Twitch. Riot allowed players to design the skin themselves and made it extremely rare and unique by requiring hundreds of referrals to acquire it.


Creator of Skin:

After being the first players to receive 350 friend recommendations in 2009, Grez and Greyrir Wolfwood created the skin itself. Only a select few players in the game currently own this extremely uncommon skin, and the record hasn’t been broken since then.

The special skin completely transforms the model, adding new textures and a new weapon. Twitch is set to wreck havoc on the battlefield with his new crossbow and armour. The skin also has a tonne of fresh sound effects for Twitch’s spells and abilities, which greatly contribute to the skin’s originality. The new recall animation is the icing on the cake, as if that weren’t enough.



On July 9, 2010, Medieval Twitch was made available in-game; however, it has since been taken down after the referral program was ended in 2015. Medieval Twitch is no longer available in the game as of right now. He wasn’t exactly a common skin, though, given how many recommendations it took to unlock him in the first place.

Check out our accounts below if you want to add this exceptionally rare skin to your collection. This skin is not only fantastic for impressing your pals, but anyone who sees you wearing it will undoubtedly go insane.


A medieval twitch is how rare?

This skin’s rarity is a hotly contested subject. Naturally, everybody wants to have a skin as uncommon as Medieval Twitch, and many individuals will assert ownership of it even if they don’t. Additionally, those who possess it will inflate the figures to make their skin appear more unusual.

The skin wasn’t always very common, but since the introduction of Honor Capsules, it’s becoming less uncommon. But don’t let that stop you from admiring this skin: It’s still a fantastic skin that will dazzle both your rift allies and enemies.


Availability Not accessible

Price: Free for referring a friend

Concept: Twitch as a crossbow-wielding mediaeval warrior

Model: New model and texture, as well as a new weapon

Particles: No fresh particles

Animations: New recall animations

Sounds: Updated spell and ability sounds

Rarity: Rare

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