Heavenscale Master Yi





Embracing Celestial Mastery


Heavenscale Master Yi represents the convergence of celestial harmony and martial discipline, as the champion channels the transcendent power of Heavenscale to ascend to new heights of mastery and dominance. Through the art of Wuju, Master Yi unleashes the true essence of his being, manifesting as a force to be reckoned with on the Rift.


Working with Heavenscale


The synergy between Master Yi’s abilities and Heavenscale is nothing short of sublime, amplifying his strengths and empowering his presence in every skirmish and team fight:


  1. Double Strike (Passive): Master Yi’s passive, Double Strike, synergizes seamlessly with Heavenscale, allowing him to unleash a flurry of strikes with increased attack speed and critical strike chance, devastating foes with unmatched precision.


  1. Alpha Strike (Q): With Heavenscale’s enhanced attack damage and critical strike chance, Master Yi’s Alpha Strike becomes a devastating tool for engaging and eliminating multiple targets with swift and decisive strikes.


  1. Meditate (W): Master Yi’s W ability, Meditate, gains newfound resilience with Heavenscale, as the increased attack damage enables him to sustain himself in the heat of battle, transcending pain and achieving inner harmony.


  1. Wuju Style (E): Master Yi’s E ability, Wuju Style, becomes an instrument of divine fury with Heavenscale, empowering his basic attacks with additional true damage and critical strike chance, ensuring that every strike resonates with the force of the cosmos.


  1. Highlander (R)*: Master Yi’s ultimate ability, Highlander, transcends mortal limitations with Heavenscale, granting him unparalleled mobility and attack speed, allowing him to fly across the battlefield with unparalleled swiftness and strike down his foes with unwavering determination.


 Strategic Enlightenment


Integrating Heavenscale into Master Yi’s build demands strategic enlightenment and unwavering focus. Players must harmonize their actions with the ebb and flow of the battlefield, adapting their tactics to seize victory in the face of adversity:


  1. Early Game Dominance: Heavenscale empowers Master Yi to establish early game dominance, leveraging his agility and dueling prowess to secure objectives and assert dominance over his foes.


  1. Mid-game Ascendancy: As the game progresses, Heavenscale enhances Master Yi’s scaling potential, allowing him to transcend mortal limitations and ascend to new heights of martial mastery.


  1. Late-game Transcendence: In the late game, Master Yi transcends mortal limitations with Heavenscale, embodying the true essence of Wuju as he cleaves through the ranks of his enemies with unmatched precision and ferocity, taking us into the dawn of a new era of enlightenment and mastery.




Heavenscale Master Yi stands as a beacon of enlightenment and mastery within the League of Legends universe, inspiring players to embrace the celestial essence of Heavenscale and unlock the true potential of the Wuju Bladesman. As champions rise and fall, Master Yi remains an eternal symbol of martial skills and enlightenment, guiding those who seek mastery along the path to greatness on the Fields of Justice.

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