Heavenscale Diana





In the mystical realm of League of Legends (LoL), champions continually seek to harness the celestial powers that govern the universe, transcending mortal limits to reshape the fabric of battle. Among them, Diana, the Scorn of the Moon, stands as a beacon of lunar radiance and celestial might, wielding the divine power of Heavenscale to illuminate the darkness and ascend to new heights of mastery on the Rift.


Embracing Celestial Radiance


Heavenscale Diana embodies the convergence of lunar radiance and celestial might, as the Scorn of the Moon channels the transcendent power of Heavenscale to illuminate the darkness and unlock new dimensions of potential on the battlefield.


 Harmonizing with Heavenscale


The synergy between Diana’s abilities and Heavenscale epitomizes the convergence of lunar radiance and celestial might, amplifying her strengths and empowering her presence in every skirmish and team fight:


  1. Crescent Strike (Q): With Heavenscale’s enhanced ability power and cooldown reduction, Diana’s Crescent Strike becomes a formidable tool for piercing through enemy lines.


  1. Pale Cascade (W): Diana’s W ability, Pale Cascade, gains newfound potency with Heavenscale, as the increased ability power and shield strength empower her to withstand the fury of battle and emerge unscathed amidst the chaos of combat.


  1. Lunar Rush (E): Diana’s E ability, Lunar Rush, becomes an instrument of celestial mobility with Heavenscale, allowing her to traverse the battlefield with unparalleled grace and precision, striking down foes with the fury of the moon’s embrace.


  1. Moonfall (R): Diana’s ultimate ability, Moonfall, transcends mortal limitations with Heavenscale, unleashing a torrent of lunar energy that draws enemies into her grasp and unleashes the full extent of her celestial might.


Strategic Mastery


Integrating Heavenscale into Diana’s build demands strategic mastery and unwavering resolve. Players must harmonize their actions with the battlefield, adapting their tactics to exploit weaknesses and seize victory in the face of adversity:


  1. Early Game Dominance: Heavenscale empowers Diana to establish early game dominance, leveraging her lunar radiance and celestial might to assert control over objectives and secure advantages for her team with unwavering resolve.


  1. Mid-game Ascendancy: As the game progresses, Heavenscale enhances Diana’s scaling potential, allowing her to ascend to new heights of mastery and shape the course of battle with unparalleled grace and precision.


  1. Late-game Transcendence: In the late game, Diana transcends mortal constraints with Heavenscale, reshaping the very fabric of combat with her celestial might and guiding her allies towards victory with unwavering determination and lunar radiance.




Heavenscale Diana stands as a testament to the boundless potential and innovation within the League of Legends universe, inspiring players to embrace the transcendent power of Heavenscale and unlock new dimensions of lunar radiance and celestial might on the Fields of Justice.

 As champions rise and fall, Diana remains an eternal symbol of celestial mastery and lunar radiance, reshaping the very essence of combat with each step of her divine journey and leaving her mark on the annals of history.

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