Black Alistar


One of the earliest skins ever to be published was the Black Alistar Skin, which is quite uncommon and was introduced in 2009.

The League of Legends collector’s edition skin was included with pre-orders of the game before it went on sale. According to pre-order data, around 65,000 individuals received this skin in 2009. Less than 1% of players that currently have active League of Legends monthly accounts actually own this skin.


Alistar is shown on the skin as a black minotaur with snapped cuffs who appears to have just escaped from prison. The colours have been altered from the original Alistar skin to a more darker theme, with just the golden hair showing out.

Due to Alistar’s limited skill set, all of the animations, particles, and noises are identical to those of the original skin. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the animations and audio haven’t changed as it was one of the earliest Alistar skins.



Since it was given away as a thank you to customers who preordered the collector’s edition of the game, this skin was never sold in stores. The skin originally came on a card that you had to redeem in order to activate it on your account. Players would frequently resell these codes online for up to $400 or more only for this skin.

This skin is now unavailable since Riot stopped allowing specific codes to redeem skins back in 2014. The only way to get this skin is to purchase an account with it already redeemed as there is no sign that it will be returning to the marketplace. There are a couple of these accounts listed below that are for sale if you’re seeking for the Black Alistar skin.


Skin changes:

 The champion undergoes significant alterations that bring the dream to reality. includes new animations, visual effects, a new model, texture, splash picture, and noises. involves voice processing on occasion.

Bio and introduction for Skin: The RAREST skin in all of League of Legends is Black Alistar. This skin can only be obtained by purchasing an account. Only 1,000 Black Ali accounts may be found worldwide. The majority of people will never in their whole lives see even one of these skins in a game!


How can I get this skin?

He is also among the most attractive, and if you arrive as a Black Alistar , people will ask you what sort of skin you have. It appears in games so infrequently and is quite unusual. Naturally Limited, you could only receive the skin back then by preordering the League of Legends digital collector’s edition.

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