Rusty Blitzcrank


The Riot shop does not presently have Rusty Blitzcrank which is a rare skin. The skin was abruptly pulled from the market after its first release on November 20th, 2009, with no apparent justification. It is the only non-legacy skin that has been taken from the market right now. The skin used to cost 520 RP, which was a fair price for the skin until it was discontinued. The most likely explanation for this is that the skin’s texture was so awful that it nearly resembled the standard Blitzcrank skin.


When the game was launched in 2009, the skin was among the first to be made available. Since there are no new particles, animations, or noises, it appears that not much work was put into the skin. Riot was likely concentrating on creating new champions rather than releasing skins for current champions, which is why this happened.


Rarity of the skin:

Due to the fact that few individuals purchased this skin when it was on sale at the store, it is thought to be uncommon. It might not seem like a rare skin, but when the game was originally published, there weren’t many players, therefore few people got the opportunity to purchase it.

This skin can only be acquired by purchasing an account that has already had it redeemed. Be sure to check our shop below for accounts with the Rusty Blitzcrank skin if you’re seeking for it.


Skin modifications:

 Push the champion beyond a straightforward outfit change with additional engaging features. includes a fresh splash picture, model, and texture. features brand-new animations, visual effects, and noises from time to time, depending on the subject of the skin or when their absence would be detrimental.


Introduction and bio of Skin:

It features the rusty and aged golem known as Rusty Blitzcrank. Around November 2009, this skin was uploaded to the game, however it was immediately taken off again. This skin was an exact replica of the original skin; the only difference was that it had some rust on it. It was taken out because people felt it was too close to the original skin. Due to the fact that it was deleted nearly soon and is now difficult to obtain, this is one of the rarest skins available.


How can I obtain this skin?

 Limited Edition skins are those that were only offered in the store for a limited time during seasonal or special events before being taken down afterward. These skins aren’t able to be mysteriously given, and the champion’s information page only shows them if you actually possess them.


Worth purchasing:

 If you’re not sure if it’s worthwhile to purchase this skin or not. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that you may always try out this skin on the Public Beta Environment server. Any skin in the game may be purchased and tested for free once you have access to the PBE server. You may read about the PBE service if you’re interested in learning more.

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