Pax Twisted Fate


Attendees of PAX 2009 received the uncommon skin PAX Twisted Fate.The skin was distributed to the first 20,000 people that showed up at the 2009 Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) convention. The skin code was accessible as a redeemable code on a coupon when it was distributed during the event. Many gamers chose to trade and sell their codes online after the event, with some asking up to $450 or more for the skin.


Characteristics and Features:

Twisted Fate is depicted on the skin wearing all-black attire with a faint blue border around the edges, even on his hatred. Additionally, a unique PAX 09 logo is sewn into his cape. The skin’s colour pattern is extremely well-liked by gamers, making it one of the most sought-after skins in the game.

The skin is consistent with the previous PAX-themed skins in that it doesn’t include any additional animations or particles. Jax and Sivir, who were previously presents at prior PAX events, share the PAX motif with Twisted Fate.

The cosmetic codes for PAX Twisted Fate were blocked in 2014 and are no longer usable, hence the game is no longer accessible. There is no indication that this skin will be available again as, like the other PAX skins, it was created exclusively for guests at the convention.

This skin can only be acquired by purchasing an account that has already had it redeemed. Check our store below for accounts that have the PAX Twisted Fate skin enabled if you’re seeking for it.


Skin modifications:

 Push the champion beyond a straightforward outfit change with additional engaging features. includes a fresh splash picture, model, and texture. features brand-new animations, visual effects, and noises from time to time, depending on the subject of the skin or when their absence would be detrimental.


Bio and introduction for Skin:

One of the rarest skins to have in-game right now, a special event skin given out at PAX 2009 was.



Special Event skins were distributed during gaming expos and occasions like PAX, Gamescom, and numerous local occasions. Because the skin is temporarily limited, it cannot be purchased through the store.


How can I obtain this skin?

This skin cannot currently be acquired in any way. The only way to get the skin unlocked is to purchase an account that already has it. If you’re not sure if it’s worthwhile to purchase this skin or not. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that you may always try out this skin on the Public Beta Environment server. Any skin in the game may be purchased and tested for free once you have access to the PBE server. You may learn more about the PBE server and how to access it.


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